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We have created and given you full access to your Partner Account.

  Access anytime your Partner Links;

  See the number of students referred by you;

  See how many students have enrolled into our courses;

  See commissions earned and payouts.

How to Promote?

Depending on where your followers are, here is some of the content you can create to promote our courses:

  Instagram, Facebook & YouTube Stories and Posts;


  Dedicated page on your website;

  Newsletters sent out to your fans.

  Please have in mind to always use your Partner Link 

     Tag us in your posts and stories:

Resource Library

Access to our Promotional Partner Resource Library

We help you constantly with content for your Promotional Campaign – you can access and download our branded content from here from our dedicated Resource Library.

  High Quality Photos from our courses;

  Videos for Social Media Stories & Post;

  Prewritten content for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube captions, Blog-Post, Newsletter and Website.


You can contact us anytime for support:

  Email: suzanne@icephotelschool.com

  Whatsapp: +40 728 930 991 [Suzanne]

Social Media Presence

   : @icephotelschool @richardhawkepastry

When is Commission Awarded?

For each student that enrols into one of our courses accessing the Partner Link, you will be rewarded with a commission.
Commissions earned can be paid out after 30 days from initial booking (in this period the student can request and be refunded);
We can discuss a different pay-out strategy, based also on the volume of students referred to us – (monthly, every 45 days, etc.).

Cookie Expiration Policy

Our Cookie Expiration Policy
Our cookie expiration policy is 30 Days, that means that in 30 days calculated from the first visit from the Partner Link, if the student decides to book any course, you would earn the commission.

Taxes on Commissions earned

Depending on the financial system of the country are you from, there are different ways of collaboration, either as company or physical entity.
Basically, you would issue us an Invoice for your services, and we would make the payment.