Gluten-Free Pastry 
Online MasterClass


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Welcome to the

Gluten Free Pastry
Online MasterClass


In this course you will learn about:

  • Ingredients and their role in the recipes;  
  • How to make your own gluten-free flour mixture;  
  • How to make gluten-free cakes starting from basic recipes like shortbreads, sponges, choux pastry, lighter and tastier mousses, water based creams, glazes, to more complex cakes;
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes and get the desired results; 
  • How to make your life easier in the kitchen, using modern techniques, tips and tricks Chef will share with you;
  • How to ADAPT classic recipes into gluten-free options.
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Course Duration:
12 months

Ingredient Understanding
Modern Pastry Techniques
Over 25 recipes

6 Weeks
Practical Guided Learning

Course Materials & Activities:

  • Over 250 min, 40 HD Video Lessons;
  • PDF printable Course Book & Materials; 
  • Live Webinar with Q&A Session with Chef;
  • Practical Guided activity
  • Chef's Evaluation & Feedback
Who can attend?

Course recommended for:

  • Motivated home bakers who would like to learn to bake gluten-free cakes for family and friends;
  • Professional Pastry Chefs, Chefs and Bakers who would like to learn how to adapt their classic recipes to gluten-free ones without compromising texture and flavour;
  • Pastry & Culinary students and graduates.

Course Content

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Module 1:


You will learn about ingredients and
their role in recipes
 Gluten-Free Flour mixtures; 
 Sugars & substitutes; 
 Fruits and their PH; 
 Gelling agents: gelatines, pectins, gums; 

 You will have access to the list of ingredients
and our recommendations to obtain the best results. 

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Module 2:

Basic Recipes

You will learn how to make basic gluten-free recipes from scratch, using basic ingredients.
 Choux Pastry
 Water Based Creams;
 Ganache Aerienne;
 Light Mousses;
 Fruit Coulis & Compote;
 Chocolate Decorations.

 All recipes made from basic ingredients.

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Module 3:

Apple Slice

 Almond Shortbread;
 Granny Smith Apple Compote;
 Apple Coulis;
 White Chocolate Mousse;
 Matcha White Chocolate Decoration;
 Assembly & Finishing.
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Module 4:

Choux Marion

 Choux Crunch;
 Choux Pastry;
 White Chocolate Ganache Aerienne;
 Orange Compote;
 Almond Praline;
 Semi Liquid Praline;
 Candied Zest Orange;
 White Chocolate Decor;
 Assembly & Finishing.

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Module 5:

Milk Caramel

 Soft Caramel;
 Milk Chocolate Mousse;
 Lait Caramel Ganache Aerienne;
 Milk Caramel Enrobing;
 Chocolate decoration;
 Assembly & Finishing.

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Module 6:

Opera Li Chu

 Joconde Sponge;
 Dark Opera Glaze;
 Coffee Syrup;
 Ganache Li Chu;
 Coffee Buttercream;
 Chocolate decoration;
 Assembly & Finishing.
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Module 7:


 Sudachi Cheesecake;
 Almond rice crispy crunch;
 Strawberry coulis;
 Chocolate decoration;
 Assembly & Finishing.

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Modern Techniques

An entire module structured around Pastry Techniques.
You will learn modern pastry techniques suitable for home kitchen and pastry production, 
starting with basic ones (piping, folding, mixing, baking),
to more complex ones (glazing, chocolate tempering, decorations, shortbread stamping).

My Course Plan

Course Duration:  12 months (includes 6 weeks Practical Guided Learning)
Scroll down to see the STEP by STEP display of Course Plan.

Course Player Access

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  Digital Course Platform

Using latest technology and user friendly online learning software. 
Once you have registered for this course, you will get access to your Course Player to start learning immediately.

  PDF Course Book & Materials

PDF Course Book with a new concept of recipe presentation.
Printable PDF Materials

 Full HD Video Lessons

Over 250 minutes of pre-recorded Full HD Video Lessons with Chef teaching you step by step about ingredients, pastry techniques and recipes. Can be viewed anytime from anywhere. 

Practical Guided Learning

 Duration: 6 weeks

We believe the best learning experience is a well designed balance between theory and practice.

Through the Practical Assignments we aim to encourage you to put in practice the new techniques and recipes learnt. 

To give you also flexibility and time to organise the best way possible, you can choose WHEN TO START your 6 weeks Practical Guided Learning.

 Available options:

* If you are not interested to submit Practical Assignments, you can choose to view the Learning Units (Video Lessons and Webinars). 

  Practical Assignments

The opportunity to reproduce from 3 to 5 cakes from the program in your own kitchen following our guidelines and step-by-step instructions. Results are submitted and evaluated by Chef.

 Feedback. Evaluation of your work

During the 6 weeks of Practical Guided Learning [PGL], you will receive constant feedback from Chef and ICEP Team helping you to progress.

  Live Zoom Webinars with Q&A Session

You can attend one of our Live Zoom Webinars on different topics and Q&A Sessions. In case you are not able to attend, you can submit your questions and we will make sure they are addressed by Chef. You can view the uploaded Recordings from your Course Player anytime during the 12 months course duration.


Join ICEP Community

The International Pastry Community is a wonderful addition to your learning experience.
You will be able to meet, share your passion and growth with students, professionals and pastry passionate from all over the world.
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  Get your Training Certificate

  • Upon completion of the Learning Activities and the 6 weeks Guided Practical Learning Plan

    you will be rewarded with our digital
    Training Certificate 


    You will be able to download the Certificate
    from your account.



2016 - Present: Pastry Consultant & Instructor for renowned School and Clients:

 Schools: ICEP HOTEL SCHOOL (Bucharest, Romania), INBP (Rouen, France), Atelier by Australis (Sydney, Australia), Cordon Bleu (London, UK), Bishulim Culinary School (Tel Aviv, Israel).

 Clients: Natacha Pacal (Bratislava, Slovakia), Rose Léon (Casablanca, Marocco), The Cake (Kiev, Ukraine).


Before 2008:
 Head Pastry Chef | Lyon, France | Sydney, Australia

FIRST PLACE Artistic chocolate show piece, Challenge des Mains d’Or
THIRD PLACE Best Chocolate Entremets, Sugar Show piece, Asian Pastry Cup, Australian Pastry Team

 Cost & Preparations

 Course Registration Fee

Paid upon registration

 PC, laptop or tablet + internet connection

For a successful user experience without interruptions, we recommend viewing the Video Lessons and participating in the Live Zoom Webinar on your PC, laptop or tablet. You will also need a good internet connection.


You will need ingredients to prepare the recipes in your kitchen and submit your practical assignments.  
We will provide you a list of ingredients, together with our recommendations where you can purchase them.
They are also available in our Online Shop.

 Utensils and Equipments

You will need basic kitchen equipment: mixer, hand blender, oven, refrigerator, freezer, baking trays and basic pastry utensils (whisk, spatulas, silicon mats, etc.). 
We will provide you with a complete list, so if you don't have them in your kitchen, you can purchase them from your local distributor or from ICEP Online Shop. 

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You will get:

12 months access to:
  • PDF Printable E-Book "Gluten-Free Pastry";
  • 250 min Full HD pre-recorded video lessons; 
  • Over 25 gluten-free recipes;
  • 5 Final Products;
  • 6 weeks Practical Guided Learning; 
  • Live & Recorded Webinars with Chef; 
  • Audio, Text + Support in English;
  • Access to International Pastry Community.
Grab our SPECIAL OFFER with discounted price + BONUS MODULES:
+ Bonus 1: 12 months access to all course updates;
+ Bonus 2: 12 months access to Live Webinars & Recordings
+ Bonus 3:
1 Extra Cake Recipe.
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*Payment can be made in your local currency
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 6 weeks Practical Guided Learning;
 PDF printable Course Book;
 List of Ingredients, Utensils & Equipment necessary to complete assignments;
 Access to Live and Recorded Webinars with Chef with Q&A Session;
 Training Certificate.
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We believe the new world of pastry is gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and eventually sugar-free 
with a particular care to the origins of our ingredients 
and this is what our 3 STEP pastry journey is all about.

Learn to replace gluten from all baked products: shortbreads, sponges, choux pastry, crunches.

Learn to replace gluten + lactose contained in dairy products from creams, mousses, ganache, glazes, etc.

Learn to replace gluten + all animal origin ingredients (eggs, dairy products, gelatine) with plant based options.

You can start your journey today with COURSE 1,
or you can
enrol in all 3 Courses with a special discount:

only 639 € / 814 €

Frequently Asked Questions

About Course Concept

What is the difference between on-site and online course?
On-site MasterClasses are intense 3 to 5 day courses organised in Bucharest, Romania in groups of 14 to 16 students. 
Courses are hands-on giving you the opportunity to experience working with Chef Richard Hawke. Can be a wonderful opportunity to gain more insight into the Gluten Free world. 
Recommended for students with some baking or pastry experience.
Online MasterClasses can be taken from anywhere, anytime and by anybody. 
You can study according to your schedule, from the comfort of your home, without having to interrupt your work or travel abroad. All you need is a laptop or PC, good internet connection and the desire to learn. It's a 6 weeks guided learning experience with 12 months access to Video Lessons and online materials. 
During 6 weeks of guided learning, we recommend to invest at least 10 to 15 hours/week, to go through video lessons several times and follow through all your practical assignments, to get the most out of your course. After all, practice makes perfect!
Online MasterClasses can be taken by both home bakers and professionals. They are designed to start with basic recipes, carefully guiding you through with step by step videos towards more complex cakes.
Video lessons can be revisited as many times as you desire, during the 12 months access period.
Is this a theoretical or practical course?
From our experience as educators, we believe the best way to learn is combining theory with practice. This is the principle we have structured our course around.
  Theory is structured in Module 1 - Ingredient Understanding, where we explain specific ingredients used in pastry and their role in our products;
  Starting with Module 2 we move on to Practical Learning:
Demonstrative Video Lessons [Chef demonstrates step by step each recipe];
Practical Assignments [Students reproduce in their kitchen the recipes and submit the results;
 Chef's Evaluation & Feedback on submitted assignments.
What does Guided Practical Learning Experience mean?
One of the strong parts of this course is the 6 weeks Practical Guided Learning [PGL] with Chef Richard Hawke and ICEP Team. 
Your practical learning experience will consist of: 
 Printable PDF Materials [Resource Center]
 Pre-recorded Full HD Video Lessons with Chef
 Practical Assignments (reproduce 3 to 5 cakes) in your own kitchen and submit the results);
 Chef's Evaluation and Feedback on submitted assignments;
 Access to our International Pastry Community.
To give your the best learning experience with maximum flexibility, you get to choose when to start your Practical Guided Learning from our available plans. 
How long does the course take?
The course lasts 12 months counting from your enrolment date. 
After registration, you will receive full access to all materials, so you can start your learning immediately. You will have to complete the modules in the order they have been structured.
During the 12 months, you can choose when to start your 6 week Practical Guided Learning experience from the available PGL Plans.
At the end of the 12-month period, you will be able to prolong your access to the content by enrolling into our Alumni Program.
How can I access the desired course?
First step is to register and book the desired course and start date. 
Only paid accounts will have access to premium features of our course. 

You will be able to access your Course Player immediately and start your learning.
Step 1: Register for the course;
Step 2: Go to My Courses: https://online.icephotelschool.com/my-courses
Step 3: Access your course and start your learning experience!

The platform can be accessed from PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone, although for the best user experience we recommend to use a big screen device.
Can I access the modules in the order I want?
We have structured our course in 7 modules.
After registration, you will have access to the modules immediately from your account, but for the best learning experience you will go through the learning materials step by step according to the course plan. 
What are the practical assignments and why do I need to submit them?
Our course is designed as a Practical Guided Learning Program.
We believe the best results you can obtain by combining theoretical learning with practice. 
You can choose when to start the 6 weeks Practical Guided Learning by selecting one of our PGL Plans.
You will have 3 practical assignments to submit, consisting of making 3 cakes in your kitchen and submitting the results of your practice together with a description of the process and challenges encountered. 
Your Assignment will be reviewed by Chef and you will receive Chef's Feedback.

Please have in mind that in order to be rewarded with our Training Certificate, you have to complete all Learning Units and submit a minimum of 3 Practical Assignments.

If you are not interested in obtaining the Training Certificate, you can choose to only follow the Video Lessons and Webinars, without submitting Practical Assignments.

What happens if I don't submit assignments on the indicated dates? 
You can choose when to submit Practical Assignments by choosing one of our PGL Plans. 
If you are not able to submit the 3 Practical Assignments according with your chosen PGL Plan, you will not be rewarded by our Training Certificate.
You will also have the option to extend your PGL with another 6 weeks allowing you more time to practice and submit assignments.
Will I receive my Training Certificate if I fail to submit my assignments?
You will receive your Training Certificate only if you successfully submit all 3 Practical Assignments by the end of the 6 weeks Practical Guided Learning (PGL).
In case you were not able to do so, you will have the option to apply for an extension of another 6 weeks of PGL.
Can I extended my Practical Guided Learning?
Yes, you can apply for an extension of 6 weeks of PGL at an extra fee. Please contact Support at online@icephotelschool.com. 
Can I access the learning content after the 12 months? 
Once the 12 months of access to the Course have passed, you can prolong your access through the Alumni Program. For more information, please contact Support at online@icephotelschool.com. 
I want to learn more. What other courses you recommend?
Continuous learning is the best investment in yourself.
If you would like to stay with us and learn more, we have a few recommendations for you:
 You could continue your online learning experience by registering to Lactose Free Pastry and Vegan Pastry MasterClasses;
 You could participate into On-Site MasterClass in Bucharest, Romania or any other school Chef Richard Hawke is having classes.

Our Recommendations.

Can I take this course if I don't have professional experience?
You do not necessarily need to have previous professional experience or knowledge. It is more important to have the desire and motivation to learn and invest time to do so. 
I don't speak very good English. What other languages is this course available? What do you recommend?
All learning materials for this course are in English (Course Book, Video Lessons, Support, Live Webinars). If you can understand and can speak & write basic English, you will do just fine. 
I am not computer friendly. Will I be able to follow through the course?
Our Digital Course Player is very user friendly and simple to use, you won't need specific Computer knowledge. In case you have difficulties we are here to support you, just drop us an email: online@icephotelschool.com and we will guide you through.
What equipment do I need to follow this course?

 PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone with good internet connection

For a proper user experience without interruptions, we recommend viewing the Video Lessons and participating to the Live Zoom Webinar on your PC, laptop or tablet. You will need also a good internet connection.

  Ingredients [only for Practical Assignments]
You will need ingredients to exercise the recipes in your kitchen and submit your practical assignments. 
We will provide you a list of ingredients, together with our recommendations where you can purchase them from. They are also available in our Online Shop. Find out if we can deliver in your country by dropping us an email at online@icephotelschool.com 
 Equipments & Utensils [only for Practical Assignments]
You will need basic kitchen equipments: mixer, hand blender, oven, refrigerator,
freezer, baking trays and basic pastry utensils (whisk, spatulas, silicon mats, etc.). 
We will provide you with a complete list, so if you don't have them in your kitchen, you can purchase them from your local distributor or from ICEP Online Shop
How much time should I invest into this course?
During the 6 weeks of Practical Guided Learning, we recommend to invest at least 10 to 15 hours/week, to  go through video lessons several times and follow through all your practical assignments, to get the most out of your course.
After all, practice makes perfect!
Keep in mind, the more time you invest, the better results you will have!

  Enrolment. Payment. Invoicing.

How do I enroll?
Step 1:  Go to Enrolment Section of this page
Step 2:  Click on the Button with the START DATE of the course you want to take. We will redirect you to Payment Page.
Step 3:  Complete Booking Form and finish online payment process. You will receive a confirmation email and your spot will be booked. 
How do I pay?
You can make payment online with your credit card.
You will receive instant booking confirmation and your spot will be secured.
We use 3D Secure Online Payment Processors - STRIPE, with PCI Level 1 certification. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
You can use MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or American Express.
Payment can be processed in your local currency.

If you wish to make payment via bank transfer, please follow the below instructions:
Account info:
IBAN: RO59BTRL04104202D26205XX
Swift: BTRLRO22
*All transfer fees shall be paid by Sender.

After making payment, send us an email to online@icephotelschool.com with the following information:
  • Payment Confirmation;
  • Name of the Participant and Email Address to create and give access to Student Account.

If you need Company Invoice, kindly send us the below information:
  • Name of Company
  • Registration No
  • Full Address
I have a problem with payment. What do I do?
We have students enrolling from all over the world and in very isolated cases they can go through system blocks or security issues raised by our bank or the bank of the student. 
We apologise for any inconvenience and we are here to help you solve them.
Email us at online@icephotelschool.com or send us a Whatsapp/Text message to +40 773 797 075 and we will try to help you sort it out.

Does the course price include VAT?
Our company is exempt of VAT, so there will be no VAT to be paid by you.
Can I get a Company Invoice?
For Company Invoice please follow the Instructions when you make your Registration and complete the Billing Information with the correct company data:
 Name of the Company
 Registration Number

 Important: Please be aware that Invoices are issued automatically with the information you Insert when you complete the BILLING INFORMATION Section and cannot be manually edited after.
You can Download your Invoice from your Account. Follow the steps below:
Course Page or Home Page   Menu My Account  Account 
Can I cancel my enrolment?
You have the right to cancel your enrolment up to 14 days following your enrolment, if you haven't started your course.
However, as it is a digital product, once you have started your course, it is not possible to cancel the enrolment and receive any refunds.