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Learn Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free  and Vegan Pastry Online 
[3 Course Bundle]

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"I believe the new world of pastry is gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and eventually sugar-free 
with a particular care to the origins of our ingredients 
and this is what our 3 STEP pastry journey is all about."
Chef Richard Hawke

You can start with Course 1, or you can book all 3 courses with a special price.

Learn to replace gluten
from all baked products: shortbreads, sponges, choux pastry, crunches.

Learn to replace gluten + all 
dairy products from creams, mousses, ganache, glazes, etc.

         Learn to replace gluten + all animal origin ingredients
(eggs, dairy products, gelatin) with plant based options.

Find out more about the Concept,
watch video with Richard Hawke

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12 months
access to all course materials

18 Weeks
Practical Guided Learning [PGL]

Over 75 recipes

Over 100 HD Video Lessons [700 min]

Printable PDF Course Books & Materials

Live Webinars
with Chef

9 Practical Assignments

Chef's Evaluation & Feedback

3 Training


You will learn about:

  • Ingredients and their role in the recipes;  
  • How to make your own gluten-free flour mixture;  
  • How to replace ingredients like: eggs, butter, milk, cream, gelatine with plant based options;  
  • How to make gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan cakes starting from basic recipes like shortbreads, sponges, choux pastry, lighter and tastier mousses, water based creams, glazes, to more complex cakes;
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes and get the desired results; 
  • How to make your life easier in the kitchen, using modern techniques, tips and tricks Chef will share with you;
  • How to ADAPT classic recipes into gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan options.
Who can attend?

Course recommended for:

  • Motivated Home Bakers who would like to learn to bake gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan cakes for family and friends;
  • Professional Pastry Chefs, Chefs and Bakers who would like to learn how to adapt their classic recipes to gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan ones without compromising texture and flavour;
  • Pastry & Culinary students and graduates.

Course Content [Syllabus]

Total Course Duration: 12 months access

Course 1: Gluten-Free

In this course we learn to replace gluten from all baked products, we get to know Chef Richards's Pastry Concept on how to make recipes with less sugar & fat with enhanced flavours and textures.
[Click the arrows to display the content of each module] 

Module 1: Ingredient Understanding 

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You will learn about ingredients and their role in recipes:
  • Gluten-Free Flour mixture; 
  • Eggs; 
  • Fats; 
  • Fruits and their PH; 
  • Sugars;
  • Texturising & gelling agents: gelatines, pectins, gums; 
  • Chocolate.

 You will have access to the list of ingredients and our recommendations to obtain the best results. 

Module 2: Basic Recipes & Techniques 

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You will learn how to make basic gluten-free recipes from scratch, using basic ingredients and modern pastry techniques.
  • Shortbread; 
  • Sponges; 
  • Choux Pastry; 
  • Water Based Creams;
  • Ganache Aerienne;
  • Light Mousses;
  • Fruit Coulis & Compote;
  • Pralines;
  • Glazes;
  • Chocolate Decorations.

  All recipes made from basic ingredients.

Module 3: Apple Slice [Gluten-Free]

  • Almond Shortbread;
  •  Granny Smith Apple Compote;
  •  Apple Coulis;
  •  White Chocolate Mousse;
  •  Matcha White Chocolate Decoration;
  •  Glaze;
  •  Assembly & Finishing.

Module 4: Choux Marion [Gluten-Free]

  • Choux Crunch;
  • Choux Pastry;
  • Chef's Evaluation and Feedback
  •  White Chocolate Ganache Aerienne;
  • Orange Compote;
  •  Semi Liquid Praline;
  •  Candied Zest Orange;
  •  Assembly & Finishing.

Module 5: Milk Caramel Brownie [Gluten-Free]

  • Brownie;
  •  Soft Caramel;
  •  Milk Chocolate Mousse;
  •  Lait Caramel Ganache Aerienne;
  •  Milk Caramel Enrobing;
  •  Assembly & Finishing.

Module 6: Opera Li Chu [Gluten-Free]

  •  Joconde Sponge;
  •  Coffee Syrup;
  •  Ganache Li Chu;
  •  Coffee Buttercream;
  •  Dark Opera Glaze;
  •  Assembly & Finishing.
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Module 7: Watabushi Cheesecake [Gluten-Free] 

  •  Sudachi Cheesecake Mousse;
  •  Almond rice crispy crunch;
  •  Strawberry coulis;
  •  Glaze;
  •  Assembly & Finishing.

Course 2: Lactose-Free

In this course we take the next step to learn to replace all dairy products like cream, butter and milk. All our products are not only Lactose-Free, but also Gluten-Free, with less sugar and reduced fat, with no artificial colorants. 
[Click the arrows to display the content of each module] 

Module 1: Lactose-Free Ingredient Understanding 

You will learn about gluten-free & lactose-free ingredients and their role in recipes
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  • Gluten-Free Flour mixture; 
  • Eggs;
  • Substitutes for dairy products (cream, butter, milk);
  • Fruits and their PH; 
  • Texturising and gelling agents.

Module 2: Basic Recipes & Techniques 

You will learn how to make basic gluten-free and lactose-free recipes from scratch, using basic ingredients.
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  • Shortbread;
  • Sponges;
  • Choux Pastry;
  • Water Based Creams;
  • Ganache Aerienne;
  • Light Mousses;
  • Pralines;

Module 3: Ceiba Yuzu [Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free]

  • Almond Cocoa Shortbread;
  • Chocolate Sponge;
  • Yuzu Coulis;
  • Ceiba Noir Chocolate Mousse;
  • Cocoa Glaze;
  • Assembly & Finishing.

Module 4: Cherry on Top [Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free] 

  • Almond Marzipan;
  • Pain de Genes Almond Sponge;
  • Sour Cherry Coulis;
  •  Almond Marzipan Mousse with Tonka Beans;
  • Assembly & Finishing.

Module 5: Cocoa Nib Choux [Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free]

  • Cocoa Choux Crunch;
  • Cocoa Choux Pastry;
  • Cocoa Nib with Almond, Praline Style;
  • Cocoa Nib Water Based Cream;
  •  Dark Chocolate Decor;
  •  Assembly & Finishing.

Module 6: Lemon Date Tart [Gluten-Free & Lactose Free]

  • Almond Shortbread;
  • Almond Cream;
  • Date Paste;
  • Lemon Cream;
  • Swiss Meringue;
  •  Assembly & Finishing.

Module 7: Hazelnut Peach [Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free]

  • Almond Shortbread;
  • Soft Hazelnut Sponge;
  • Peach Coulis;
  • Hazelnut Praline;
  • Hazelnut Praline Water Based Cream;
  • Hazelnut Praline Mousse;
  • Assembly & Finishing.
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Course 3: Vegan Pastry

In this course we go a step further in our pastry journey and we learn to replace all animal origin ingredients (eggs, dairy products, gelatine) with plant based options. All our products are not only Vegan, but also Gluten-Free.
[Click the arrows to display the content of each module] 

Module 1: Vegan Ingredient Understanding 

You will learn about gluten-free & plant based ingredients and their role in recipes
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  • Gluten-Free Flour mixture; 
  • Plant-based options for eggs; 
  • Plant-based options for fats; 
  • Sugars and substitutes;
  • Fruits and their PH; 
  • Plant based texturising and gelling agents;
  • Chocolate

Module 2: Basic Recipes & Techniques

You will learn how to make basic gluten-free and vegan recipes from scratch, using basic ingredients.
  • Shortbreads;
  • Sponges;
  • Water Based Creams;
  •  Ganache Aerienne;
  •  Light Mousses;
  • Pralines;
  •  Glazes.
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Module 3: Coconut Apricot [Gluten-Free & Vegan]

  • Soft Coconut Sponge;
  • Almond Shortbread;
  •  Apricot Coulis;
  •  Coconut Mousse;
  •  Assembly & Finishing.

Module 4: Lychee Raspberry [Gluten-Free & Vegan]

  • Soft Almond Sponge;
  • Raspberry Coulis;
  •  Lychee Mousse;
  •  Almond Shortbread;
  • Assembly & Finishing.

Module 5: Pecan Brownie [Gluten-Free & Vegan]

  • Pecan Brownie;
  • Pecan Praline;
  •  Pecan Praline Water Based Cream;
  • Galaxie Noir 64% Ganache Aerienne;
  • Assembly & Finishing.

Module 6: Poire en Deux [Gluten-Free & Vegan]

  •  Pain D'Eugene Sponge;
  •  Pear Compote;
  • Hazelnut Praline;
  •  Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Gianduja;
  •  Dark Gianduja Water Based Cream;
  •  Dark Gianduja Mousse;
  •  Dark Gianduja Glaze;
  •  Ravioli (Vegetable Jelly);
  •  Assembly & Finishing.

Module 7: Walnut Apple Tart [Gluten-Free & Vegan]

  • Almond Shortbread;
  •  Almond Cream;
  •  Granny Smith Apple Compote with Vanilla;
  •  Walnut Praline;
  •  Walnut Praline Water Based Cream;
  •  Assembly & Finishing.

  Course Materials:

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  Digital Course Player

Using latest technology and user friendly online learning software,  once you have registered for this course, you will get access to your Course Player to start learning immediately. 

  PDF Course Books & Materials

3 PDF Course Books with a new concept of recipe presentation.
Printable PDF Materials

 Full HD Video Lessons

Over 700 minutes of pre-recorded Full HD Video Lessons with Chef teaching you step by step about ingredients, pastry techniques and recipes. Can be viewed anytime from anywhere. 

My Course Plan

There are 2 types of Course Plans Available:
Scroll down to see your options: 

 Practical Guided Learning [PGL]

 Duration: 6 weeks x 3 Courses
[Total: 18 weeks]

We believe the best learning experience is a well designed balance between theory and practice. Through the Practical Assignments we aim to encourage you to put in practice the new techniques and recipes learnt. 


   Practical Assignments

You can reproduce from 3 to 5 cakes/course (total of 9 to 15 cakes) from the program in your own kitchen following our guidelines and step-by-step instructions. 
Results are submitted on ICEP's Community App and are evaluated by Chef.

   Feedback. Evaluation of your work

During the 18 weeks of Practical Guided Learning [PGL], you will receive constant feedback from Chef and ICEP Team helping you to progress.

 Live Zoom Webinars with Q&A Session

You can attend one of our Live Zoom Webinars on different topics with Q&A Sessions. In case you are not able to attend, you can view the uploaded Webinar Recordings from your Course Player anytime during the 12 months course duration.

 Join ICEP Community

The International Pastry Community is a wonderful addition to your learning experience. You will be able to meet, share your passion and growth with students, professionals and pastry passionate from all over the world.

  Example of PGL Plan - Course 1:

After completing Course 1, you will continue with Course 2 & 3 having a similar Course Plan.

  Self Paced Learning [SPL]

This course is recommended to students with pastry experience, who don't desire to submit practical assignments and complete tasks.

 Make Your Own Schedule or Plan

This course option gives more flexibility as you don't need to follow a plan or schedule, but requires also self discipline to follow through and complete the course, as you will make your own schedule. 

You can view the videos, webinar recordings and other learning materials at your own pace during the 12 months access period.

We recommend you to practice is much as possible during the course and self-evaluate yourself.

Important: With this option, students will not receive a Training Certificate at the end of the course. If you wish to obtain your TC, please choose the PGL Option.

  Get your Training Certificates

  • Upon completion of each Course and
    Practical Guided Learning Plan

    you will be rewarded with 3 digital
    Training Certificates 

    You will be able to download the Certificates
    from your Course Player.



2016 - Present: Pastry Consultant & Instructor for renowned School and Clients:

 Schools: ICEP HOTEL SCHOOL (Bucharest, Romania), INBP (Rouen, France), Atelier by Australis (Sydney, Australia), Cordon Bleu (London, UK), Bishulim Culinary School (Tel Aviv, Israel).

 Clients: Natacha Pacal (Bratislava, Slovakia), Rose Léon (Casablanca, Marocco), The Cake (Kiev, Ukraine).


Before 2008:
 Head Pastry Chef | Lyon, France | Sydney, Australia

FIRST PLACE Artistic chocolate show piece, Challenge des Mains d’Or
THIRD PLACE Best Chocolate Entremets, Sugar Show piece, Asian Pastry Cup, Australian Pastry Team

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